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About me

Joshua de Guzman is a software engineer with a passion for learning and teaching. Mobile, Cloud, and AI enthusiast.

Someone who reads the news and listens to podcasts. Watch Shark Tankā„¢ on cheat days.
Twisting puzzles while brain squeezing over algorithms. Reach me at contact@jdg.ph

Some software libraries, tools, SDKs I have developed, maintained, or worked on

  • Freelancer.com Flutter SDK
    Flutter Plugin | 2019

    Freelancer.com Flutter SDK


    Unofficial Freelancer.com Developer API's SDK for Flutter apps.

  • Freelancer.com Android SDK
    Android Library | 2019

    Freelancer.com Android SDK


    Official Freelancer.com Developer API's SDK for Android apps.

  • RxBus
    Android Library | 2018



    A simplified event-driven library on top of Kotlin and Rx

  • ButtonsKt
    Android Library | 2018


    GitHub Documentation

    Eliminates the repetitive fabrication of boilterplate XML drawable resources

  • Colorify
    ReactJS Tool | 2018


    GitHub Live Demo

    A minimalist color conversion tool

  • Xtrength
    Android Library | 2018



    A real time password strength meter for Android

  • TypedKt
    Android Library | 2018



    Animated TextView effects for Android

  • Xcraper
    Python / pandas pydata | 2018



    Python based stocks exchange data scraper

  • Carouxel
    ReactJS Library | 2018


    GitHub Live Demo

    A minimalist and API ready carousel library built on top of react-slick

Some technologies I have worked with

  • Languages


    Kotlin Java Python Javascript Dart C# Swift PHP
  • Platforms / Frameworks

    Platforms / Frameworks

    Android Flutter iOS Django Django Rest Framework NodeJS ExpressJS ReactNative Laravel
  • Databases


    MySQL PostgreSQL ClearDB Dao Realm MongoDB
  • Cloud


    Heroku Google Cloud Platform AWS Azure Firebase
  • Tools


    Docker TravisCI Jenkins Git Appium Fabric Virtualenv

Some events, talks, hackathons [View Events]

  • Android Masters 2019
    Prelims Judge | OCT 2019

    Android Masters 2019

    Facebook Website

    Was invited to judge at the national intercollegiate competition (Game Category), Android Masters 2019, by GDG Philippines.

  • Flutter Intro, Basic CRUD
    Speaker | OCT 2019

    Flutter Intro, Basic CRUD

    FlutterPH Study Jam 3

    Introduced how Flutter can help students to speed up their work, and conducted a hands-on session using the Flutter codelabs.

  • Material Design, Codelabs
    Speaker | OCT 2019

    Material Design, Codelabs

    FlutterPH Study Jam 2

    Shared my thoughts on the Material Design implementation in Flutter, and discussed the MDC 101-103 Flutter codelabs.

  • Flutter Animations in Flutter
    Speaker | SEP 2019

    Flutter Animations in Flutter

    FlutterPH Study Jam 1 Blog

    Talked about the implicitly animated widgets in Flutter, and how they can create their own animated widgets rapidly.

  • Firebase + Flutter
    Speaker | SEP 2019

    Firebase + Flutter


    Discussed a simple way of utilizing Firebase Firestore to support real-time Flutter mobile applications.

  • Freelancer Bugathon 2019
    Best Tooling Improvement | SEP 2019

    Freelancer Bugathon 2019


    Improved Freelancer Android app build time by up to 30.98% during the Freelancer Bugathon 2019.

  • Introduction to Flutter
    Speaker | AUG 2019

    Introduction to Flutter

    Google I/O Extended Manila 2019

    Shared a talk and a codelab session regarding Flutter, plus some real-world examples during the Google I/O Extended Manila 2019.

  • Utilizing RESTful APIs using Retrofit
    Speaker | AUG 2019

    Utilizing RESTful APIs using Retrofit


    Conducted a workshop regarding the utilization of RESTful APIs in Android/Java using Retrofit2 and OkHttp.

Some Work Experiences

  • Freelancer.com
    OCT 2018 - PRESENT | 500 - 1000 empl | PH Freelancer.com

    Mobile Engineer

  • Xurpas, Inc.
    JAN - OCT, 2018 | 500 - 1000 empl | PH Xurpas, Inc.

    Mobile Software Engineer

  • PixelHub
    2016 | 10 - 50 empl | PH PixelHub

    Software Developer Intern

Some Affiliations, Volunteering Experiences

  • Flutter PH
    2019 - PRESENT | PH Flutter PH

    Passionate Volunteer / Founder

  • Coding Girls
    2018 - PRESENT | BG / PH Coding Girls

    Volunteer / Community Lead

  • Xrojan
    2017 - PRESENT | PH Xrojan

    Project Lead / Open Source Contributor

  • VR Philippines
    2017 - 2018 | PH VR Philippines

    Virtual Reality (VR) Ambassador

  • Tech Caravan
    2017 | PH Tech Caravan

    Volunteer / Organizing Committee